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21 September 2010 @ 11:44 pm
McFly Super Site...  
 Kyaaaaaaa, I love the British band McFly so much!! <3

They have this really awesome idea called the McFly Super Site. It's their new site which is pretty much a way to have full-on awesome interaction with fans. So far they've been having live webcam videos on the site and it's just amazing! So far today they've been having non-stop webcam on the site of them filming footage for their new video clip. It's live and full on non-edited. We get evvverything. And it is so fascinating seeing the process of how they get their hair done and just how many times they have to film one scene for the music vid.

In their downtime they often sit and read out tweets on their phones. And holy crap, tonight (their lunch time XD) the bass player Dougie read my tweet out. Major shock. The best part is, they upload the webcam recording after it's finished onto the site, and since it is in flv format I was able to download it onto my PC and keep it forever! Dougie calling out my snark with that gorgeous British accent of his..... Dream come true! T___T <3

^ This is my screen of Dougie reading out my tweet (which I superimposed onto the image). Danny even let out a chuckle. Hell yesss! ^____^


The thing about McFly is that they are always there for me when I am upset about DBSK things. DBSK will always be my ultimate band and I can't change that (even if I wanted to). DBSK is what my heart chose, and I can't back down now =). But my point is that in the Western world, McFly would be the closest thing I have to my love for DBSK. So to have them running this AMAZING new site is pretty awesome!

And it made me wonder.... What would happen if DBSK had a Super Site like that. Well, if DBSK were still together right now, that is... ^^;;

We could see live footage as it happens (imagine the Yunjae moments, kyaa!) with no lame-ass editing out into 3min clips on their CD+DVD releases. And they could interact with fans so easily! (Well, if fans can speak Japanese or Korean. ^^;;) I'd be in efffing heaven, that is for sure. But oh well. At least I have my awesome McFly boys doing something like that! I hope they come back to tour in Australia for their new album. I was privileged to see them live twice a few years ago. Boys have some pretty funny yaoi fanservice! XD



....BAHAHAHAH!! As I am typing this their live webcam is still going on as they muck around waiting for the video shoot to continue. And I hear all this sudden loud laughter and "something interesting for the webcam!" And I click back onto the webcam screen and I see Harry hoisted Dougie over his shoulder and Dougie was flailing around. LMAO!! These boys are so nutty and I love them so much. =D

KYAAAAAAA their new single is going to be AMAZING!!! I'm hearing the song for the first time as they are filming the video clip on live webcam. Such a beautiful song. I want a rip on my ipod right at this second. T_T <33333


There are STILL letting us see them filming the new video clip live on the webcam. Wicked awesome. Check it out RIGHT NOW if you are bored:
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