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09 October 2010 @ 08:01 pm
Heaven's Postman. <3  
 Fangirl flailllll. Heaven's Postman~ <3333

Finally watched Heaven's Postman. Well, most of it -- the last clip was unavailable so I had to guess what the hell JaeJun and Hana were saying to each other when they met again at the end. Was tempted to have JaeJun saying: "I'm sorry but since I thought you were a dream when I was given my body back I met this guy in the meantime called Yunho...." LOL!!! But nah, I do love the JaeJun character liking Hana in the movie. They are gorgeous together. That being said, I think a JaeJOONG angel meeting a Yunho would be just as fabulous. XD

But I'm getting sidetracked by YJ. As always. XD

I don't know why I waited this long until I saw Heaven's Postman when I knew it was gonna be one of my fav emotional movies. A lot of the themes in it are the themes I adore thinking about so much in real life (just look at my latest fic) so I really should have gotten my butt into gear and watched the movie sooner than I did. I had even watched friggen HARU before HP. Fail Jae fan. ><

Besides, I lovvvved Jae's look in that era (and indeed I used to thank HP for making him have to stay with that hair colour and style for months during filming and not change to something ghastly for DBSK activities), so I REALLY have no excuse for putting it off until now. If anything, it made the movie even creepier coz of the DBSK song at the end. When I heard Yunho and Changmin's voice singing with JYJ it was like hearing the words of a ghost... (Ironic considering JaeJoong's character in the movie. XD) It was like HoMin hijacked a "Back to the Future" car and travelled back to the past to sing for the HP OST from the lawsuit era (ie. now) so that they'd still be able to support Jae when the movie was released/watched by Fiona. hahaha my strange imagination... But I really didn't realise HoMin were on the OST, I thought it was just Jae singing. So yeh, shock... T_T



The plot of HP was just amazing of course. It really got to me because of the general theme. I mean, part of that theme is exactly what I was using for my fic TB;MS (but it's Jae receiving the help not providing it XD). So seeing something similarly spiritual in HP at this time was like woooah extra close to my poor heart. Not to mention thinking of my Grandpa when JaeJun walked past the old man in heaven who had died after he helped him. More touching for me.

Jae's beauty was just phoaaaaar. Overwhelming. His beautiful big doe eyes killed me in like 90% of the scenes. I'm glad JaeJoong was the one acting as the "ghost/angel" since he is so damn angelic in real life without even trying. And I was relieved that I could believe JaeJoong's acting since it is a role which didn't need work from a brilliant actor. He just had to look solemn and thoughtful, which he does naturally in real life anyway LOL! And the scene where he had to act jealous of Hana liking the singer was hilllllarious coz I was so used to his jealous face already from the DBSK days when he was giving Yunho (or people who got too close to Yunho) the evils. XDDDD

Okay that is me being sidetracked for a second time. Shhh YunJae, I know you're real; will you let me reflect on Heaven's Postman as a text without interfering please!! XD

The subtle yet reallllly evident sensuality of JaeJun's interactions with Hana were so beautiful. How they'd lean on each other or hug each other or even just look at each other.... I thought the use of body language to explain things was really perfect (using words instead to convey the messages would just have just ruined the scenes). I really bought their bond. In fact, I started falling in love with JaeJun.....GIMME A JAEJUN!!! <3 (Spazzed to death when Hana was crying and holding onto the letters and JaeJun just reached over and got her into a side hug telling her that he was hugging both her and the letters. T____T <3)

I really loved how the plot unfolded. When Jae told the Sky man (who I've seen before so many times in K-drama XD) that he can only be seen by those mourning lost loved ones I was like omggggg he's gonna end up disappearing when Hana gets over her asshole ex! And freaked out waiting for Hana to realise that Jae wasn't lying coz she was gonna take his presence for granted. And then when she realised it herself I was like trying not to bawl lol!! And I'm telling ya now, I am pretty thick when it comes to hints in movies so I was like pheww that hint to the Sky Man was enough for even me to anticipate what was gonna happen to the couple. I hate being the last to know in movies lol! 

And then omgosh, when JaeJun was sabotaging the Sky Man mission! It linked so well to the convo he had with Hana at the very beginning in the bus about how he'd have to stop his job if anyone caught out his lies. So when he started sabotaging it out of character, I could see what he was thinking immediately (heart breaking scene!) even though it wasn't spelled out in neon lights. But like I said, I'm pretty thick in a lot of movies so if I could see what was happening before it did maybe that means to a normal person the hints were too obvious and needed to be more subtle? Dunno. I found it just right for my brain though, so yay. XD

When everything finally started disappearing to Hana I was crying so damn hard. The whole idea of the ghost (and everything to do with the ghost) only being visible to someone who was grieving was just so poetic! I wasn't sure if Hana was really reading the letter JaeJun had been trying to write for her though. I assumed that since everything else was disappearing it would mean the paper would have been blank, but then if everything else of his disappeared then there shouldn't have even been a letter visible to her. So I guess if the letter managed to be seen then his words would be visible on the paper too.... Yet the photos were blank so how could his words have been seen? Confusing. O_O

I can't comment on the end of the movie... The last 7 mins were without subtitles for me coz the english clip was deleted. So I had to guess the whole reunification scene. It looked nice though even though I have no friggen clue what they were saying LOL!

I was still trying to process the beautiful plot when all of DBSK's voices were booming out of my speakers. I heard Yunho and hmmm I think I lost it completely at that stage. I miss Yunnie even though Jae is my bias. Yunnie always loved portraying himself as the dependable Daddy of DBSK and so I crave a father's reassurance and strong hug. I'm already surrounded by a Mummy's love through Jae's adorableness in his JYJ activities, but I need a balance of Daddy loving too. Hence me missing Yun more than anything about DBSK right now. Weird. But I can't be bothered trying to psycho-analyse myself right now.

That's all for today. Just wanted to let out my random thoughts about Heaven's Postman. I shall go and download it properly now. <3


My Obsession, My Love, My  YunJaemoon1084 on October 9th, 2010 06:24 pm (UTC)
Waaaah? I thought we were going to watch it together? Its cool! Its cool!
I n f i n i t y ♪: DBSK1stepcl0ser on October 13th, 2010 07:33 pm (UTC)
where did you watch it? wanna see it, too >_<;;