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24 October 2010 @ 02:38 pm
Thoughts on love  
 Today I'm going to be a good student and avoid a lot of Internet places so I can actually do my uni work.

However I had a thought and I wanted to jot it down to let it out of my system. As always, it's just me thinking about love. The following is just my personal spirituality so leave the wtfery and cynicism at the door. =P

Okay so... I know finding the person you're meant to be with (otherwise known as "The One" or "The Soul Mate" or "The person who just happens to connect with you and everything is all good even if they're not necessarily The One") often just happens by chance. You just happen to be in the right place at the right time. When you look for love you won't find it; it comes to you when you least expect it. All that jazz. 

It sure happened to my grandparents. What a remarkable story that is. 

But you know, as much of a relief it can be sometimes to know that things are often set in motion and you just have to let yourself be the player on the board game and wait until the dice rolls the right number for you to move forward and land on your own unique square, it is still pretty damn lonely in the meantime. Clearly the dice hasn't been rolling the right number for me yet to progress to that golden square I am dying to reach on the board, and instead the dice is taking me on detours and dark places... And that path is lonely. Even if I know that all the hard work and stress and suffering will be worth it to reach that golden square, it's hard to look forward to when you're playing the game by yourself for the moment. Or at least, playing the game with your friends around but your friends are moving to their golden squares much quicker than you. Their dice isn't necessarily favouring them, it is just pulling them through the own path they have to go on in life. They just happen to bypass loneliness quicker than me. I'm sure there are good squares that I am landing on which they envy me for as well. it's just the luck of the dice in the game of fate.

Not to be unappreciative or anything, by Mr Dice, can you please roll a better number for me so I can find a decent person to love who loves me back?

And now as a bonus, the cute story about how fate played a part in my grandparents meeting. (Or at least, how my Gran tells the story if her memory is correct.)

Grandad was British, and my Grandma is British too but she was raised in India until she was 23. She went to boarding school on/near the Himalayas and therefore was kinda secluded. Didn't help that she was crazy shy. So during one of her school holidays, she took the long train ride down to New Dehli to stay with her uncle. That day in Delhi her uncle spotted a young British army man looking lost and wearing atrocious "bombay bloomers" and asked him to come have dinner with him. That just happened to be the night my Gran was there staying with her uncle. But she was so shy. But then she went back to her travels to boarding school and the man went back to his army duties during the WWII.

When she graduated from school she came back to New Delhi to find a job and saw the British man again and they reconnected. (He had to fly all over the world as a sound recordist to capture footage from all the war fronts etc, so it was extraordinary that her timing was matched enough to see him again during the times he had to come back to India.). Still she was so shy though but he really took to her and even escorted her to the toilets when she was too anxious to cross the dancing room by herself to go (omg seriously, I take after my Gran 100%).

They then got married in New Delhi in 1943 when my Gran was 22/23 and my Grandfather was 30/31. There were only 5 witnesses there. But ironically, before my Grandad was posted to India, he was warned by the bosses not to fall in love with any British girls living in India because they were all spoilt and had Indian servants and wouldn't be able to settle back into normal British life LOL!

On their honeymoon the army tried to recall my Grandad! But there was confusion with the name addressed on the letter. They had written: A. Fallen. (My Grandad's name is Alan Francis Allen). So no one knew who A. Fallen was. They only realised a few days later that the army meant A. F. Allen. So instead of being recalled back to his war duties in the middle of his honeymoon, they got extra days coz of the mix up.

Seriously, I love fate sometimes. I only wish I can be as lucky. ^^

And hey, for more on that story, my granddad's mini life story was written about in the newspaper. Mind you, they got the story of how they met wrong -- the writer said it was my Gran who asked him to dinner with her Uncle, but we all know that my Gran is the shyest thing ever and would never have had the nerve to do that...

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I n f i n i t y ♪1stepcl0ser on October 24th, 2010 11:09 am (UTC)
that's a really cute story and a very cute pic, they look so happy :3

i have exactly the same thoughts as you have.. i just hope that fate will be nice to me one day.. it's getting a bit lonely from time to time.. and to see all my friends having someone with them is.. well, of course i'm happy for them, but yeah.. you know what i mean ^^